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Case Studies: Successful Reputation Management

Other reputation repair companies stall for time with continual empty promises and hopeful guesses about the future. We provide you with solid results. Read the case study below for an example of the results you can expect.

In late 2007, we began an Inoculation Campaign for a popular, worldwide vacation club that is headquartered in Canada. This Canada-based Vacation Club had been in business for over 25 years when they approached us with their dilemma. They have a large worldwide customer base and valuable business partnerships of which club members can take advantage. In addition to their 60-plus luxury resorts across the globe, this company can obtain thousands of comparable accommodations in virtually every vacation hotspot imaginable.

This company had been the target of unfavorable forum postings and a Ripoff Report, which were ranking in the Top 20 positions for several of their most-searched-for keyphrases. These negative listings were deterring potential customers and worrying existing members. As a result, the Client was losing business on a daily basis. At the worst point, over 20 percent of the positions were held by negative listings, ranging from negative posts in Travel Forums to entire Ripoff Reports.

These negative listings were highly visible and severely damaging the Client’s daily business. During initial phone conversations, customers would search for information on the Client and see words such as “scam” and “ripoff” and promptly end the conversation. This Client approached us with a desire to regain control of their Online Reputation-something for which they had worked for decades to establish and was being systematically destroyed by these damaging listings. The Client had four main keyphrases and wanted to Inoculate the top two pages of version of Google that most Canadians would use for casual searching-for each of these keyphrases.

We analyzed the situation closely and determined which methods would be most beneficial to this particular Inoculation Campaign. We began by creating a strategy that highlighted and targeted all four keyphrases. The strategy included high quality content that the users would like to ready and find very informative. We also created more relevant content with a better user experience to out rank the negative review. We also became aware that Google was starting to place more importance on a search user’s geographic location and returning Search Results that were more focused on local search relevance. We utilized our knowledge of this trend by creating geo-focused assets that would receive immediate notice within and still rank well for

In early 2008, we launched a comprehensive Social Media campaign and harnessed the ranking power of Yahoo! Answers to create positive listings for each of the four keyphrases.

Due to our proven Inoculation methods and ability to employ state-of-the-art Search Engine Optimization techniques, all of these reputation-damaging listings were pushed out of the Top 20 positions of by Month 6 of the Inoculation Campaign. In an effort that was described as “above and beyond” by the Client, we also managed to furtively purchase the Canadian travel forum that had been damaging the Client the most. This action allowed us and the Client to head off one of the most dangerous sources and neutralize it.

Disclaimer: These results may or may not be typical and your results may vary depending on your website and your industry.

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